4 Tips on How to Play Lotto Alaska

At Lotto Alaska, we are a non-profit statewide lottery. We offer our players a chance to win great prizes while contributing to important causes throughout the state. Playing our lottery is easy and fun! Keep reading to learn how to play and what you could win, then get your lotto tickets today for a chance to become our next big winner!

couple buying lottery tickets
Purchase Tickets at Lottery Locations

Lotto tickets can be purchased at any of our authorized lottery retailers throughout Alaska. We have retailers in these cities at the following locations:

  • Anchorage: Buy your Lotto Alaska tickets at all four Rippie Bob’s locations across the city.
  • Fairbanks: We have eight official lotto ticket retailers in the area, including Emerald Isle, Lucky Lady Pulltabs, Peger Pulltabs, Lucky’s, Lucky Jack’s, Ivory Jacks, El Dorado Bar and Grill, and Fox General Store.
  • Kodiak: Visit Tony’s Bar or Riptide on West Marine Way to purchase your Alaska lottery tickets.
  • Kenai: A lottery retail location coming soon.
  • North Pole: Our retailers in the area include North Pole Pulltabs, Pagoda, and Chena Cannabis.
  • Tok: Stop by the Tok Lodge Mile on Glenn Highway to get your lottery tickets.
  • Valdez: A lottery retail location coming soon.
  • Wasilla: A lottery retail location coming soon.

buying lottery tickets online
Purchase Lottery Tickets Online

If you prefer the convenience of purchasing your tickets online or don’t live near one of our retail locations, you can still play! Lotto Alaska offers online ticket sales through our official website. Simply create an account, choose your numbers, and purchase your tickets — it’s that easy! Lotto Alaska tickets are available to purchase online for adults eighteen years and older with current, valid Alaskan residency.

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Buy Lotto Tickets In Bulk for a Discount

Did you know you can purchase Lotto Alaska tickets in bulk for a discount? If you plan on playing our lottery regularly, this is a great option for you. Our lottery tickets start at $2 each, or ten for $10, 25 for $20, 75 for $50, or our best deal, 200 tickets for just $100! This is a great way to save money and increase your chances of winning the weekly cash prize.

Chase the Ace board
Winning Numbers Drawn Every Sunday

Every Sunday evening at 6 PM, we draw the winning numbers for that week’s lottery. You can watch the drawing live on our website or check the results afterward to see if you’ve won. If you have matching numbers, congratulations! You’re a winner! Prize payouts are 20% of the weekly lottery ticket sales.

Get a Chance to Play Chase the Ace

The winner of the weekly Lotto Alaska drawing also gets a chance to play Chase the Ace. This is a bonus lottery game where you could win an additional prize. To play, simply choose a window from the Chase the Ace board. If the Ace of Spades is behind that window, you win the jackpot, which is guaranteed to be at least $10,000, along with your weekly cash prize!

We hope you’ll take advantage of all the opportunities Lotto Alaska has to offer. Lotto Alaska is a statewide, non-profit lottery that splits all lottery ticket sales with local charities. Our lottery is easy and fun to play, with tickets available for purchase at any of our authorized retailers or online through our website. Be sure to get your tickets today!

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