Our Lottery Rules: The Breakdown

Our Lottery Rules: The Breakdown

Are you feeling lucky? Take your chances by partaking in Lotto Alaska’s Lottery We want to ensure that all participants are well-informed and understand the guidelines before entering our charitable lottery. Let’s dive into the details!


Proceeds Distribution

When you purchase a ticket for the Lotto Alaska, Chase the Ace Lottery, you are contributing to a fundraiser for a contracted nonprofit or multiple nonprofits under the state of Alaska Operator License #070. The funds from ticket sales, also known as the Pot, are dispensed each week as follows:
20% to the weekly prize
30% to the Jackpot
50% to nonprofit/expense
Rest assured, the Jackpot is guaranteed to be at least $100,000.

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Ticket Sales

Lotto Alaska’s Chase the Ace lottery tickets can be purchased at State of Alaska licensed locations and online. However, please note that online ticket sales are limited to the State of Alaska. Our online purchase portal uses geo-fencing and IP address verification to ensure that transactions occur within the state. It is imperative that purchasers certify their legal age (18 years or older) and confirm they are not in an area where charitable gaming is prohibited. Any tickets purchased outside of the State of Alaska or in restricted areas are deemed ineligible to win prizes.

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Ticket Prices and Validity

Tickets for the Chase the Ace lottery are priced as follows:
$2 each
10 tickets for $10.00
25 tickets for $20.00
75 tickets for $50.00
200 tickets for $100.00
All numbered chances have matching stubs. Each ticket is only valid for the weekly draw it was purchased for. Lotto Alaska retains all sold ticket information electronically in compliance with state statutes or regulations.

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Draw Procedures and Prizes

The draw for the weekly winning ticket takes place every Sunday between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. at 721 Gaffney Rd., Fairbanks, AK 99701. Please remember that tickets purchased for the previous week’s draws are not carried forward. Only tickets purchased for the current week’s drawing are eligible, including the Jackpot.

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We hope this breakdown of our lottery rules provides you with a clear understanding of how Lotto Alaska’s Chase the Ace Lottery operates. Remember, all winning amounts will be paid to the ticket holder by check. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Lotto Alaska. Get your tickets now and join us in supporting charitable causes while having a chance to win big!

How To Play