How We Split Up the Proceeds

Every ticket purchased for the Alaska lotto is more than just an entry into an exciting draw; it’s a commitment to the Alaskan community. At Lotto Alaska, we pride ourselves on transparency, especially when it comes to the distribution of proceeds from our lottery sales. Let’s break down how every dollar you spend with us is allocated.

Alaskan community

Giving Back to the Community

The heart and soul of Lotto Alaska is our dedication to Alaska’s diverse communities. A whopping 50% of all ticket sales are channeled directly towards local nonprofits and charitable organizations. Through this charity lottery model, every ticket sold has an immediate and positive impact, supporting various initiatives that benefit Alaskans.

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Rewarding Our Players

At the end of the day, a lottery is about the thrill of the win. We ensure that our players have enticing prizes to look forward to. Twenty percent of the proceeds go towards the weekly prize, giving players a significant opportunity to win big every Sunday. This not only fuels excitement but also rewards participants for their involvement.

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Building the Jackpot

To add to the allure, we reserve 30% of ticket sales for the jackpot. This strategic allocation guarantees a minimum jackpot of $100,000! This chunk ensures that the jackpot grows steadily, increasing the stakes and the thrill of the game with every ticket purchased.

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Operational Integrity

While the majority of our proceeds go back into the community and the game, we ensure operational excellence by using a portion of the proceeds for the smooth running of the Alaska state lottery. This allocation ensures a secure online platform, efficient ticket sales channels, and effective communication and outreach for our players.

Every time you purchase a ticket from Lotto Alaska, you’re not just hoping for a win — you’re becoming a vital part of a system that rewards, gives back, and upholds the highest operational standards. So, why wait? Get your ticket today and be a part of this beautiful cycle of giving, winning, and growing!

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