How Do I Claim My Prize?

Congratulations on your winning Lotto Alaska ticket! Winning the Alaska state lottery can be exciting, but knowing how to claim your prize is crucial to ensure you don’t miss out on your winnings. If you’ve guessed the correct winning number combinations then the very next step is to reach out to our Alaska lottery online for verification and next steps.

Follow the instructions below for how to check the lottery results and how to contact our organization. Remember to purchase your tickets weekly so you don’t miss out on other jackpots!

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Weekly Drawing Details

Each Sunday, one winning ticket is drawn at random from that week’s sales. The lucky holder of the winning Alasaks state lottery ticket will walk away with 20% of that week’s lottery sales. Remember: you as the winner do not need to be present at the drawing to win, but you must claim your prize before the next drawing.

Essentially, all Alaska lottery winners have one week to claim their prize. This is why our organization highly recommends you check each week’s winning numbers as soon as possible!

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How to Claim Your Lottery Prize

To claim your prize for picking the Alaska lotto winning numbers, you must contact Lotto Alaska at Washington Plaza at 3431 Airport Way, Fairbanks, AK 99709. You can reach us by phone at (907) 455-6886. If your prize is not claimed by the following Sunday at 4 p.m., your winning ticket will be considered void and you as the holder forfeit any potential winnings. 

The unclaimed prize will then be added to the jackpot amount; this means you will need to purchase another Alaska state lottery ticket in hopes of getting the winning numbers once again. 

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Claim Early for Chase the Ace Jackpot

If you are the lucky holder of the winning ticket for the week, you get an extra perk for claiming your prize by 6 p.m. on the Monday following the draw. By doing so, you will get one chance at the Chase the Ace Jackpot. You can select a number from one to 54 on the remaining windows of the Chase the Ace board and have the chance to win even more Lotto Alaska money. Again, this opportunity is only available if you claim your earnings early. 

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What Documentation You Need to Claim

When claiming your Alaska state lottery prize, you must present the winning lottery ticket to Lotto Alaska. Ensure you provide all necessary information to claim the prize, including tax identification details. You will also need to complete an affidavit of eligibility and liabilities/publicity release as required by the sponsor. If you do not comply with tee requirements, you run the risk of forgetting your winnings. 

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How Your Winnings Are Disprused 

All Lotto Alaska prizes are paid out to you, the prize contestant winner, by check for security and safety reasons. A minimum of two pieces of accepted identification are required to claim your winnings; these may include a driver’s license, passport, or other valid forms of I.D. If you have any questions or need more information on claiming your Alaska Lottery prize, contact us directly!

Play the Alaska State Lottery Now to Win

Now you can confidently claim your Alaska Lottery prize and potentially be the next lucky winner! Don’t forget to regularly check our Lotto Alaska website frequently to check your numbers and to purchase more tickets for each week’s drawing! Review our lottery rules and FAQs as well and learn more about how you can play the Alaks lottery!

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