Early Bird Value

Discover the thrill of being an early bird with Lotto Alaska! In addition to the chance of winning big with our weekly cash prize, we offer exclusive value added windows during the first five draws of each new game. Find one of these special windows and unlock amazing prizes or cash options to enhance your winnings. Read on to explore the incredible prizes awaiting our lucky early bird winners!

King of Clubs – Ride into Success

If you spot the King of Clubs in the first five draws, congratulations! The weekly winner will not only receive the weekly cash prize but also take home a brand-new 2022 Suzuki Quad King (MSRP $7,199.00) from Northern Power Sports in Fairbanks, Alaska. Alternatively, winners can choose a $4,000 cash option and enjoy the flexibility it brings.

Man excitedly holding a bunch of money

Queen of Hearts – Travel in Style

Aside from the weekly cash prize, lucky players who find the Queen of Hearts within the first five draws will be rewarded with 200,000 Alaska Air Miles. Whether you fancy exploring the beautiful Alaskan wilderness or embarking on an exciting adventure elsewhere, these miles will fuel your wanderlust. Alternatively, winners can opt for the $3,000 cash alternative.

Pile of lotto tickets

Jack of Diamonds – Revel in Luxury

Imagine adding 2.5 ounces of pure gold to your winnings! The Jack of Diamonds value added window brings just that. If you’re fortunate enough to come across this window during the first five draws, you will not only win the weekly cash prize but also receive 2.5 ounces of gold. However, if you prefer flexibility, there is always the option to choose the $4,000 cash alternative.

Women throwing cash into the air

Don’t miss out on the Early Bird Value when playing with Lotto Alaska! In addition to the excitement of our weekly cash prize, the first five draws bring exclusive value added windows, offering incredible prizes that will enhance your winnings. Contact us for more info!  Keep an eye out for the King of Clubs, Queen of Hearts, and Jack of Diamonds, and seize the opportunity to win a new Suzuki Quad, Alaska Air Miles, or 2.5 ounces of gold. Don’t delay; start playing today for your chance to unlock these amazing rewards!

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