4 Facts About Our Statewide Lottery

Lotto Alaska is the state’s premium lottery with exciting games and big prizes. For those new to our lottery or those just curious about how it works, this blog post provides an overview of our lottery’s key features. From the method of play to the prizes on offer, you’ll find below four fascinating facts about our statewide lottery.

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Easy to Play

Playing Lotto Alaska is easy and straightforward. Just purchase a ticket and choose your numbers, or select an easy pick that selects random numbers for you. At Lotto Alaska, we offer a range of exciting games for players to choose from, providing options for every type of lottery enthusiast.

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Big Jackpots

At Lotto Alaska, we are dedicated to providing exciting and rewarding games with the opportunity to win significant prizes. Our lotteries offer both guaranteed jackpots and progressive jackpots, so every player has a chance to win big and achieve their dreams. 

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Supporting Local Charities

By participating in Lotto Alaska’s lottery, you also help to support several local charities throughout Alaska. A portion of our ticket sale proceeds goes to support these organizations, enabling the Lotto Alaska community to contribute to local causes.

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Weekly Drawings

Our lottery conducts weekly drawings for each game, so you have many chances to win. Whether you participate in any one of our games, with Alaska Lotto, you’re in for a chance to win something significant.

Overall, there’s no doubt that Lotto Alaska is an exciting and entertaining lottery. With different games to play and several chances to win big, our lottery offers players a chance to make their dreams come true. Additionally, because we contribute to charities, our lottery provides an opportunity for customers to contribute positively to their state. So, why not join the Lotto Alaska community today and try your luck at winning big?

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