About Us

If you’re looking for a fun and thrilling way to contribute to the community while getting a chance at some big-time cash, there’s no better option than Lotto Alaska! Since 2017, we’ve been changing the lives of countless individuals in Alaska, and we have no plans on stopping now. Continue reading to discover what Lotto Alaska is all about, then contact us online or call us at 907-45-LOTTO with any questions you may have!

image of a moose walking through a stream in Alaska

What Is Lotto Alaska?

Lotto Alaska is a statewide lottery that benefits local nonprofit organizations. Under the authority of the State of Alaska Charitable Gaming License No. 70, we run weekly lotteries that give everyone in Alaska a chance to win big. And when we say “win big,” we mean it — our jackpot is guaranteed to pay out $100,000 minimum! Drawings occur every Sunday, so make sure you purchase a ticket to get in on the action!

The History of Lotto Alaska

Our first drawing took place on January 29th, 2017, with only 105 players, a weekly cash prize of $329.60, and a jackpot minimum of $2,000. After that, word got out and spread through Alaska’s tight-knit communities rapidly, helping us become Alaska’s premier lottery today! Thanks to our ever-growing number of participants, the weekly cash prize has soared to over $135,000 and the jackpot is now guaranteed to be at least $100,000. Just ask our latest winner, George, who won a whopping $3,561,733!

Image of Anchorage Alaska's bay

Where Does the Money Go?

The best part of playing with Lotto Alaska is that you’re helping local nonprofits each and every time you buy a ticket. The proceeds from our ticket sales are divided between our lucky winners and these vital organizations, so everyone comes out on top. We’ve already handed out over $1.8 million to Alaska’s nonprofits and over $9.3 million in prizes to Alaskan residents, and we’re excited to see the numbers increase even more!

Start Playing Today!

From Sitka to Fairbanks to Ketchikan, Alaskans all over the state are welcome to try their hand at Lotto Alaska. Game 11 includes new bonuses like Match 6 For $600 and our Early Bird Value-Added Windows, giving you multiple ways to win incredible prizes. Look over the rules, find out how to play, then get your ticket before the next drawing!

At Lotto Alaska, we’re committed to providing a fun and fair lottery experience that benefits people all over our amazing state. Purchase your lottery ticket to help nonprofits near you, and who knows — you might get lucky!