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July 17, 2024 Mid-Week Bonus Drawing

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Chase the Ace Lottery

Supporting Local Alaskan
Nonprofits Since 2017

Salcha Seniors

Support Local Nonprofits and Win!

Chase the Ace Lottery is a locally-run Statewide lottery that supports local Alaskan nonprofits and charitable organizations, meaning that your lotto ticket could not only benefit you, but also others throughout Alaska' diverse communities! At Lotto Alaska, we work to make a positive impact on those in our state and those who play, so our ticket sales are divided between Players and the Nonprofit organizations we support. Because we have so many great Alaskan's participanting in the Lottery, our  jackpot is guaranteed to be $100,000 minimum! Get started making a positive impact on your State , your community and possiblly for yourself purchase a lottery ticket today! 

Easy to Play

To play Lotto Alaska's Chase the Ace Lottery, you simply have to purchase a ticket! We make it easy to purchase tickets.  You can purchase online or in-person, at any of Lotto Alaska's great locations. To purchase a ticket in person at one of our locations use the button below to find a location near you!   Once you have your ticket visit our How to Play page to find out how you can win.

Lotto Alaska Ticket Prices

1 for $2

10 for $10

25 for $20

75 for $50

200 for $100

Drawings Every Sunday!

Every week, on Sunday, you have a chance to win!  Purchase your tickets anytime during the week up until 5:30pm Sunday.   Then at 6:00pm Sunday we draw the winning ticket.   All you have to do is check to see if any of your numbers match the winning number.  If you have the matching number you just won the weekly cash prize.  Now you just need to contact our team at 907-45-LOTTO(455-6886) by 6:00pm Monday.  Once you've contacted our team by 6:00pm Monday, you’ll get to choose a window from the Chase the Ace board! If your window is hiding the Ace of Spades, you will win the jackpot  in addition to the weekly cash prize.  You can watch the Lottery drawing live on facebook here   We love providing Alaska residents with a fun and exciting lottery to play that not only helps change the lives of our winners, but also positively impacts nonprofits and charitable organizations in Alaska! Learn more about how to play here!

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Early Bird Value Added WIndows

For the first 5 draws of a new game These Early Bird Value Added Windows will have prizes associated with them in addition to the weekly cash prize

Click below to see the windows for Game 11

Match 6 for $600

Starting in Game 11 every drawing  could have upto eleven additional winners of $600.00 each.   If any of your numbers contain the first 6 digits of the winning number in the same order you win $600.00 Cash.

Click below for full rules on the Match 6 for $600